4 Jan: #3 Bridge Building Activity - Debrief (1) Group Reflection

Based on our experience in the Bridge Building Activity...
As a team, let's reflect on the following:
  • How is the collaboration in your group?
  • What are the things that worked well in your group? Why?
  • What could have worked better? How?
  • What would the group do differently (in future group activities) to become better?

Working on one team member's computer, the team will discuss and post the following to the class blog (via email):

  1. Photos of your end-product (after the Bridge Building Activity).
  2. Description (type, mechanics, design) on the bridge that the team has built.
  3. The Team's collective response to the Group Reflection.
  4. Title of the Post: “Bridge Building Activity – Debrief: Name of Team
  5. Sign off with name of all team members.
  6. Email your work to: kohjames88.2010s108@blogger.com
  7. The team’s post will be published in the class blog.


  1. /Users/wenkai31/Desktop/Photo on 2010-01-04 at 14.43.jpg

  2. Photo on 2010-01-04 at 14.43.jpg

  3. -The collaboration in our group is quite ok.
    -We could communicate easily with each other.
    -We could have come up with a better design.
    -We should be more serious in our work and that everyone must help out in some way.


  4. It was fine.
    The bridge was a success as everyone has put in a lot of effort in creating this bridge.
    Our bridge could have been better. As this project was done in a rush and we were too quiet.
    Not to be too quiet, speak up when we have ideas.
    By Group Nameless

  5. We were very impressed about us working together as a team and we are sure that we will be able to strive further as a team. We think that each of us contributing ideas were the things that were working well. Everybody was familiar with each other and we took initiative to contribute to the group. we would be able to communicate better compared to our 1st project together today.

  6. 1) It is good, but sometimes we argue over the project because of some changes in bridge project but we will always find a win-win solution.
    2)We have a lot of ideas and we share them to our members to chose the best and the most creative ideas.
    3)Timing. We could work faster.
    4)More organise.

    jing heng
    Kok yin