4 Jan: #3 Bridge Building Activity - Debrief (2) Personal Reflection

This task can be completed either in class or as homework - To be completed by the end of the day.

Based on your experience in the Bridge Building Activity...

On your own, let's reflect on the following:

  • How do you feel about working in a team on the bridge building project?
  • What do you think about your interactions with the members in your team?
  • What have you learnt about yourself in the course of the activity and what would you have done differently in future group activities?
  • Did you experience any fear(s), discomfort(s) and apprehension(s) working with this team? Why?
  • How do you overcome them?
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  1. Q1. I feel that it can create a sense of belongings and foster (care) among the group. overall it is quite a meaningful activity.

    Q2. I think that it is quite good. There are no quarrels among us though.

    Q3. I learnt that one's strength is not enough.

    Q4. No

    Q5. I dont have discomforts.

  2. #3 Bridge Building Activity Debrief (2) Personal Reflection

    1)How do you feel about working in a team on the bridge building project.

    I feel that if we want to work in a team, we must have teamwork, and we cannot left someone in the group quarrel, argue, or disagree about something they do not want, or they want. We must work together, and agree with the things we want to do.

    2)What do you think about your interactions with the members in your team?

    I think I work well with my team mates as we can co-operate together and build the bridges together, and too making it stronger or making improvements to the bridge.

    3)What have you learnt about yourself in the course of the activity and what would you have done differently in future group activities?

    I learnt that I did not contribute much to the group. Thus, in future group activities, I will strive hard and work to contribute more in future group activities.

    4)Did you experience any fear(s), discomfort(s) and apprehension(s) working with this team? Why?

    No, I did not experience any fear, discomfort or apprehension. Although my group members and I do not know each other very well, we can work together to build the bridges and co-operate as a team.

    5) How do you overcome them?

    I actually felt very comfortable with my team.

  3. I feel that working with my team was satisfying. We worked together so hard as a team, and the good results we achieved felt satisfying.I think i interacted well with my group members. I have learnt that i actually can interact well with people once I have "warmed up". I did not experience any fears, discomforts etc. I did not have any fears as I felt that I had played my part in my team.

  4. Each of us had different ideas and wanted to make differnet kinds of bridges. But, in the end, we managed to agree on building the lift bridge. We interacted quite well with each other. I have learnt that sometimes working with a team is better then working alone.I did not experience any fears or discomforts as I felt confident working with them.


  5. I felt that we really need a lot of creativity and teamwork. The project that we did is very fun and I knew a lot of friends through it.
    It was quite good, some of the ideas did work.
    I learnt that through a project, we really need to have teamwork and concentration. Next time in future, I will think through even carefully of what can still be done to make the project we are doing even better.
    I felt none of it as the group was doing well.
    Kristin Chai Shu Yuan

  6. .Working in a team can be frustrating as everyone may be trying to talk at the same time.
    2.I had trouble getting along with the person who was building the bridge because he would not listen to anyone else's ideas but I got along fine with everyone else.
    3.I have to learn to listen to someone else's ideas if they are more experience in doing that activity.

  7. It was easier to complete the bridge building activity working in groups. I got help from all of my teammates(: My team members communicate well apart from arguments over minor engineering of the bridge. I have learnt that i am not very good at listening to others. I could have listened to other's opinions and used it. I had some discomforts with this team as I thought that some ideas would not work. Well, many supported the idea so I went ahead with it. It ended out well in the end. (: I am glad.

  8. Hey, well...i think the project as a team is pretty good... ...the people are interesting and the interactions are well too - no fear, no stuff!

    - Zach Zhang

  9. I feel that working together as a team is a lot more efficient than working alone. Also, we were able to get more and better ideas from everybody in the team. I think that the team passed on information about what is happening in the group very well and I realised that being a good leader requires some necessary sacrifices in order to lead the team well.


  10. I feel that it is very fun to work together and it allows us to know each other better.
    I think I am starting to know them and getting along with them well.
    I learnt that I must work with my group to create a bridge.In the future,I will try to contribute as much as I can to make the activity at its best.
    I feel a little shy at first as I do not really know them.
    I tried to talk to them and soon ,I overcome my fear

  11. -it felt really fun!
    -I was really shy at first but then i started communicating with my group members.
    -i found out that i was not participating as much as the others.in the future i would try to participate more.
    -no, we had fun.

    Eugene Liow

  12. -I feel that working in a team brings forth more ideas and opinions so the bridge is better.
    -I interact with my group mates pretty well,we all get along when there are expectations of us.
    -I realised that I had relied on my friends to help me type out the report needed when I had to plan out and do it myself with additions now and then.Therefore,next time I would try to do what is expected of me by myself.
    -I did not experience any fear,discomfort or apprehension working with them.


  13. I feel that working in a team can help make the work better than individual work. I think I'm great interacting with them. I would try to improve in team work. No. We get along well.

    Yeo Jun Peng (21)

  14. it was a fun and different experience. Everyone participated in this so no one did more or less work.

  15. -I felt that it was a fun way to know my team members and try to make the best condition for the bridge.
    -I think that we interacted well with each other and we tried to make it the best bridge
    -I felt that I can understand my team well.
    I would be able to take any role in a project with my teams help
    - I was scared to make mistakes as I was not familiar to the team until the project started.
    - i tried to know them and understand them

  16. They say that many hands make light work.By working in a team there is teamwork,which causes us to finish the Bridge Building Activity easily.We were working fairly co-operatively,which makes us finish the bridge punctually.I have learnt that I must give time to let others speak out,if not,a fight would have occurred.At first when we were allocated to our team,we were not talking at all as if the activity was nothing to them.I was uncomfortable ,and I thought that it will not be a success.However,I was optimistic and believed that it would be a success and it was

  17. I felt working on the bridge with my team was funny as we kept making changes to our bridge design and kept messing with it to create our own unique bridge design. Although our project is complete, I still feel that it could have turned out better if everyone interacted more. I found out that i could come out with many ideas and change them to reality. I did not felt much discomfort as i was able to interact with everyone in my team with ease.


  18. 1) I think working as a team is better than working alone,because everyone has weakness so if we work in a group, what is your weakness can be the strength of another team mate.
    2) Sometimes, we do argue over some changes in the bridge but we would always find a win-win solution.
    3) I have found out what is my strength point and my weak point. So in the next group project, i will make more use of my strength point instead.
    4) Most of my fears have to do with the project and my team members hav helped me overcome my fear of the bridge falling apart.
    5) They used the materials to strengthen the bridge that i never thought of.

  19. -I think that working as a team on the project was fun.
    - We interacted a lot and discussed our ideas among ourselves.
    -I have learnt that when I participate in group activities, I will start having many ideas.
    -I did not have any negative feelings. This is because I am confident that I can work well together with my group.

  20. I feel that doing group work is fun.
    I think that it is okay. No quarrels
    I don’t know. I did not do any other bridge-building excercise.
    I feel that the group should focus a bit more on design

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