5 Jan: #2 Team Building Challenge - Debrief (II) Personal Reflection

This task can be completed either in class or as homework - To be completed by the end of the day.

Based on your experience in the Team Building Activity...

On your own, let's reflect on the following

  • What do you understand about the school value "Forging Excellence"?
  • What are the strengths that you think you possessed which cna help you to achieve excellence?
  • What other attributes and attitudes do you think you should cultivate to excel in the thigns you do?
  • How can you contribute to help your class succeed?

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  1. 1. I understand that it is a "slogan" that means forge friendship and wellness among each other.
    2. I give ideas and this eventually contributes to the end product.
    3. I should contribute more and get involved more during the discussions.
    4. Supply more ideas and try to help others improve on their ideas.

  2. "Forging Excellence" means that we have to try our hardest to do everything.

    we are able to work as a team quite well... nobody shout at anybody (except for me - but i lead the cheer)

    i think we should really communicate more.


    by communicating more.

  3. -I understand that 'Forging Excellence' means that we are to do our best in everything.
    -I think that my strengths are that I help my fellow classmates and give ideas and opinions although they were not fully accepted...
    -I think I should have more patience and more brainstorming to produce more ideas to help and improve the project.
    -I could contribute more innovative and helpful ideas...and maybe direct my friends as to what to do.

  4. What I understand about the school value is that I have to do my best in everything I do. I think I possess the perserverence quality which will help me achieve excellence in the future. I think I should also cultivate the strength of not being so distracted easily. I can contribute to the class by participating in class activities or inter class games/competitions.

  5. -I understand that I must do my best in everything I do.
    -able to help in most of the things(planning and building)
    -Leadership and 'doing my best' attitude
    -I can help in planning and executing the project

  6. -I understand that forging excellence means doing the best I can in anything that I do.
    -I think that the strengths that I possessed were being able to listen attentively to the teacher's instructions.
    -I think I should have participated more in the event and contribute more ideas.
    -I can contribute by thinking of more ideas to contribute.

  7. - What do you understand about the school value "Forging Excellence"?

    I understand that forging excellence means that me and my classmates work together and each of do our very best, then we will have better results.

    - What are the strengths that you think you possessed which can help you to achieve excellence?

    I think I can strive to do my best even though things when wrong in the way I wanted it to become.

    -What other attributes and attitudes do you think you should cultivate to excel in the things you do?

    I think I should work more and contribute more to the challenge.

    - How can you contribute to help your class succeed?

    I think I can think of a better sentence for the cheer.

  8. We must give in our best at everything we do. We have to participate 100% so that we can achieve what we want. Well, I am resilient and I do everything to my best. I should be more creative and be more open-minded and listen to other opinions and take initiative. I will do my very best and think out of the box more and I will take more initiative.

    Clarabelle Ang(:

  9. I understand that I must do my best and try to reach the most of my potential.
    I try my best in whatever activity I do.
    I should listen to others and do things more seriously.
    I don't know. I don't know what is coming up.

  10. It means that no matter what we do, we must always strive for excellence and try our best.
    I think I can help them when they need help.
    I think I should try to be much more focus when comes to class work and try not to be shy.
    I can contribute my ideas for the class to perform better.

  11. That I must try my best in every thing I do and use my talents like being able to learn quickly.I should contribute more and not be so shy so as not to do anything.I should give more ideas instead of staying at the back and not helping wit the assignment.


  12. To strive for the best.I think my strengths is sports.I think i should work with the others more often. I can contribute my creativity.

    Yeo Jun Peng

  13. I understand that the school value is meant to tell us to give our best in every thing we do. I think that I have creativity and intelligence. I think that I should cultivate a wider point of view and listen to what others have to say and consider their ideas.I can contribute by giving ideas and opinions.


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  15. "Forging Excellence" is something like teamwork,you must work together in order to maximise everybody's fullest potential,which will produce outstanding results.I am able to think of ideas,but it is a little bit difficult for me to contribute ideas,as I am always very shy.I think I should cultivate a habit to listen to others before acting to rashly.Earlier on I should have told my class some more of my ideas.

  16. To me, 'forging excellence' means that we should try our best in everything that we do all the time such that others will see the effort put in into our finished work. Although I think of good ideas sometimes, I think that i should strive to more careful in my school work. To help my class succeed, I think that I can think of more creative ideas for the class as I am more talk than do:)

  17. To forge excellence is to improve yourself in whatever you do and exceeding your limits. I have a will to learn new things and keep learning to improve myself and achieve true excellence. One should be prepared for life long learning and must be interested to learn in order to gain excellence. We all can contribute to the class by being good role models and overcoming our limits to help improve the class to success.


  18. I understand that the school value "Forging Excellence" tell us that we should do everything with our best effort and best knowledge to help the group or the class to do the very best.
    I think the strength that is needed is concentration, creativity and teamwork.
    Having a relax mind to help me things through the ways to make the project or things better and also to listen to other people's ideas and not always not listening and think that you are always right. We also need to speak up when we have ideas as the ideas said maybe a good idea after all.
    Speak up when I have ideas, also have to think for ideas when needed and also help with people in need when doing the project to help the class succeed.
    Kristin Chai Shu Yuan

  19. We must work hard and strive for excellence. I think i have a talent and will be able to learn new things fast. I am too lazy and would wish to cultivate myself into a much more hardworking student. I would participate in the activities and help my class in anyway i can.

  20. -"forging excellence" tells me that excellence can be achieved by working really really hard!!!
    -i think i am good in thinking quite creatively, but i am just not really good at explaining them.
    -i can try to be more active and participate in more social activities.
    -i can contribute some of my ideas to the class.

    Eugene Liow

  21. I understand the value is for us to put in or best in everything. I think I possess determination and workmanship, but I a usually to slow in thinking and bad in explaining, so I have to speed up in my work and work on my communication skills. I can contribute by giving my ideas to help my class succeed.