Amazing Race Reflection - Group 4

Although the environment around Clementi has lots of greenery, the hawker, sports and shopping centers all seem not as lively as those in other places and that the people who lived in Clementi were very used to the environment. We can improve this situation by cleaning up the environment.
We have also observed an old man in a wheelchair selling packet tissues and there is an old folks home. We think SST can help by organising fund-raising activities and do CIPs to help the clementi people who are in need.
Other than from where we were in the amazing race, we noticed that as we walk from Clementi MRT Station, we need to pass by a kindergarten called 'Little Wings'. We can help to educate the kindergarteners on the importance of some simple logical concepts that they can understand (for example, recycling, not littering, helping one another, road safety)
We can benefit from serving the community as we can learn more things in more ways. Also, we can gain a good impression of ourselves as we help out around the community.
The school value which encourages us to learn beyond SST is expanding our leaning network.

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