Application of 10 Cs in SST (Term 1 & LEAP Week)

Time to ponder and recall some of those interesting lessons or activities that you have experience in SST ........

Pls comment on how most of these 10 Cs have been infused into your lessons in Term 1 and LEAP week. Provide examples of lessons or activities linking to any of these 10 Cs.


  1. Creativity: We were told to do design questions for interviewing the tourist(geog Trail)
    Critical Thinking: Thinking about the question teachers ask and then answer.
    Commitment: We do the best in our project.
    Courage: We dare to explore Sentosa(Geog Trail)
    Confidence: We have confidence in the decision we make.
    Collaborative Skills: In projects, we collaborate what we know together into one big thing.
    Communication: We interview the tourist.(Geog Trail)
    Intellectual Curiosity: We ask questions we do not know.
    Citizenship and Ethics: We do not cheat in games.
    Cross cultural understanding: I dont know

  2. Creativity: Before the LEAP week, we were asked to think of questions to interview the tourists, and every one's questions differ. Thus, this is something creative
    Critical Thinking: Reflecting on what the teachers tell us.
    Commitment: Contributing in a group work, or trying our best to do the best we can do.
    Courage: We should always have the courage to voice out our opinions either in class work, or group work.
    Confidence: We should also have confidence to suggest ideas or suggestions.
    Collaborative Skills: Working with one another, in LEAP week, Sentosa, we can improve our collaborative skills.
    Communication: We learn to communicate with strangers during the Geography trail.
    Intellectual Curiosity: When we don't know the solution for one of the task, we want to know the answer.
    Citizenship and Ethics: We try our best to do our part well and organized. Not asking for any help.
    Cross Cultural understanding: We learn more about what the tourist think when we interview them.

    Lim Mei Zhi Michelle!

  3. 1. Creativity- We were instructed to apply S.P.A.M.P.E.R on the objects where we found at the red dot museum.
    2. Critical thinking-We were ask to do task and there is a time limit.
    3. Commitment- We work as hard as possible to do our very best during the programs and not play a fool.
    4. Courage- The courage of answering teachers or trainers questions, not afraid of answering wrongly.
    5. Confidence-The confidence in your answer when answering teachers or trainers questions, not afraid of answering wrongly.
    6. Collaborative Skills-We collaborate with our team members so we could get right on the task.
    7. Communication-When group work, we have to communicate to one another so we know what is that person's opinion or suggestions to the problem.
    8. Intellectual Curiosity- We ask questions about our doubts so we could have a better understanding of what is happening.
    9. Citizenship and Ethics- We did not break any promises.
    10. Cross-cultural understanding- we were not being racist.

  4. Creativity: Going to the Red-Dot museum, thinking on how to improve the product using what we have previously learnt.

    Critical Thinking: Thinking about what the teacher says, understanding them and reflect on it.

    Commitment:Doing our best in everything we do.

    Courage: To explore sentosa, dare to make mistakes and learn from them

    Confidence: Having Confidence on your decision such as when you are in sentosa, being confident in your direction.

    Collaborative Skills: Trusting your teams mates.

    Communication: Trying not to misunderstand each others words, not arguing but to solve the situation by understand the problem.

    Intellectual Curiosity: Asking the correct questions, not to waste the other person's time by asking non-related stuff.

    Citizenship and Ethics: Not cheating

    Cross Cultural understanding: Trying to understand the tourist culture by communicating and using intellectual questions.

  5. Creativity: Creating questions for the tourists during the Geog trail.
    Critical thinking: Reflection on what we did.
    Commitment: Not giving up halfway during a task even if it proves to be challenging,as in the Geog trail.
    Courage: Dare to make mistakes so as to learn from them.
    Confidence: Having trust in your teammates to complete the task.
    Collaborative Skills: Not quarreling with your teammates over the tasks.
    Communication: Everyone is able to talk freely and share their opinions.
    Intellectual Curiosity: Asking questions related to the subject like during the several workshops.
    Citizenship and Ethics: Not cheating,no asking of help.
    Cross Cultural Understanding: Understanding the culture of the tourists so to understand what they prefer about Singapore.

  6. Creativity: We were asked to improve the red-dot winning inventions using SCAMPER.

    Critical Thinking: We were made to think and reflect on what we did previously that day.

    Commitment: Having perseverance in whatever we are doing.

    Courage: Daring to explore unknown places of Sentosa.

    Confidence: Having trust in your sense of direction in Sentosa.

    Collaborative Skills: Teamwork and trusting your teammates.

    Communication: Able to communicate, understand and accept opinions made by other team members.

    Intellectual Curiosity: Asking relevant and logical questions.

    Citizenship and Ethics: Not trying to cheat in a quiz or when during the Sentosa trail.

    Cross Cultural Understanding: Interviewing the tourist and exchanging cultural understanding

  7. 1. Creativity
    We were given exercises to think as many as possible, what are the things we can come up of using an object during ADMT lessons.
    2. Critical thinking
    We were made to solve challenging maths puzzles during the maths trail at science centre.
    3. Commitment
    There were many group works and we must work together with our group members to finish a project.
    4. Courage
    At Sentosa, we must have courage to explore and find our way around the area to get to our destination.
    5. Confidence
    We must have confidence in ourselves and navigate around the beach area at Sentosa.
    6. Collaborative Skills
    When conducting a science experiment, we will need to work with our partner to obtain an accurate result.
    7. Communication
    Everyone in the group has the right to give opinions and not quarreling amongst one another.
    8. Intellectual Curiosity
    During a science lesson, we ask questions relating to a certain topic we are learning.
    9. Citizenship and Ethics
    We should not cheat or copy answers from other groups during the maths trail.
    10. Cross-cultural understanding
    By interviewing the tourists at Sentosa, we are able to understand what they feel about our country and we can also get to know more about their culture.

  8. CREATIVITY...We have our ADMT lessons which will involve creativity most of the time.
    CRITICAL THINKING...We had to think through all the questions in our homework every day.
    COMMITMENT...In my CCA, we have to be committed so as to improve our skills in whatever CCA we are doing.
    COURAGE...We have to be courageous in making daring decisions in our daily lives.
    CONFIDENCE...We must have confidence in ourselves when we navigate around Sentosa.
    COLLABORATIVE SKILLS...When we work in groups to do projects or homework we need to have the collaborative skills.
    COMMUNICATION...In our school lessons, we ask questions and in order to express ourselves correctly, we need to communicate well.
    INTELLECTUAL CURIOSITY...Asking reasonable questions.
    CITIZENSHIP AND ETHICS...Being polite to teachers in school by greeting them whenever we are in school.
    CROSS-CULTURAL UNDERSTANDING...When we interview the tourists in Sentosa, we can understand the cultures of other tourists and respect it.

  9. 1.Creativity-during the admt lesson where we were told to draw things that could be built using carrots/melon/banana/bricks

    2.Critical thinking-the innovation mindmap where we put all our understanding one innovation in one mindmap

    3.Commitment-we take part in every goup discussion for admt,i and e,math,science and iproject work

    4.Courage-Presenting in front of the whole class during presentation

    5.Confidence-Confidence that we could finish our given task well

    6.Collabrative skills-Discussing during group discussion

    7.Communication-we speak our minds during group discussions

    8.Intellectual Curiosity-we ask our-self questions before we even start innnovating

    9.Citizenship and Ethics-i respect my teachers and friends by greeting them or saying hi

    10.Cross-Cultural Understanding-i talk/communicating to my friend outside of singapore on facebook.