Groupings for Sentosa

These are the groupings for Sentosa. The groupings are final, no changing of groups are allowed.
I did not group you guys and girls so don't blame me.
Group 13: Kristin Chai, Celine Chee, Clarabelle Ang and Eunice Loo
Group 14: Kang Yan, Lim Mei Zhi Michelle, Ng Kok Yin and Chan Tse Tzang
Group 15: Chong Jun Hao, Christian Lim, Daniel Pei and Ethan Soh
Group 16: Lhu Wen Kai, Eugene Liow, Mohammed Imran Kahn and Ong Bing Jue
Group 17: Seah Jit Sheng, Aaron Sng, Soe Yan Naung and Tan Jing Heng
Group 18: Wee Ren Chang, Yeo Jun Peng and Zhang Bo.

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