HW for 4/3/10(NOT updated for english)

-history inferences document
-hcl notes
-difference between 1 ad and 1 bc
-suggestion on the special questions(information and enquiries on this should ask kristin)
-math ws
-math issue(if u haven done)
-sign science consent form
-finish the english vocab thing-admt slides
-admt bad design corrections
-math reserach on different issue
-geography mpa book do page 1-16
-i and e slides
-the history inferences document
-i and e mindmap on innovation(complete it or send to mr lam)
-send the important assignment document(the document in which we are doing during the english lesson today) to mrs nair
-sign the consent form for the trip tyo science centre next thursday

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Bing Jue
(please contact me or eunice if u have any enquires)

Kindly include any HOMEWORK in which i miss out as a comment...

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