HW Reminder for 12/3/10 (By Eunice)


Here is the HW for the HOLIDAYS:
-IPW - Do up the presentation for the ways of presenting your IPW project.
It should include:
    1. Your brainstorming ideas
    2. Your evaluation
    3. Your final product
-Chinese - 作业 chapter 4 and 5
-Geography - Prepare the protractor/straw instrument to measure the angle (i hope you know what i mean)

**For those who volunteer to bring the MacBook, do not forget to charge fully as there will be no power point at Sentosa.

This HW Reminder service is brought to you by Eunice
(Disclaimer: If I happen to forget to list down any other homework, please, PLEASE, add it in as a comment)
*If there are any enquiries, please contact me:)
MSN: looeunice@hotmail.com

Happy Holidays!! Zzz well yah?

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  1. Btw, from now onwards, I am the official HW Reminder (as instructed by Mr Koh)

    Anyways, I will not be online today, so if you have any questions, you can ask my accomplice, Kang Yan. Thx!!