S & W Committee

The vision of the class' S & W committee is that 50% of the class should get Gold for NAPFA and 60% Sliver or above~
Our roles and responsibilities as the S & W committee is that we will help you slim down if you are overweight and help you pass your NAPFA~(this includes Mr Koh)
The annual track and field meet is on 30 April and there will be a Sports Carnival in May.
Try suggesting some ideas for the YOG Sports Challenge that includes parents and old folks.
Please give feedback and comment so that we can review and adopt.
Thank you~
1-08's S & W committee-Celine,Daniel,Eugene,Ethan,Jun Hao,Wen Kai.


  1. Yoga for the elderly or Taiji competition


  2. Taiji for the elderly
    Yoga for the students

  3. Taekwandon for students
    Taiji for elderly

  4. relaxation methods or distress methods fro student and elderly to calm their emotions

    doing simple warm-up excercises or creative warm-up competition in which uses both the brain and body.

    a 2km jog for the elderly.

    a challenge

    for example:a new gameshow with very easy obstacles for them to pass through and answer some of the questions along the way and the fastest or the one who scored the most point wins!