HW reminder for 20/4/10 (By Eunice)


Here is the HW for today:-

-IPW - (For IPW leaders only)Put in you group's Lit. Review into the Submit folder
-HIstory - Read up on the text given AND finish the Google slides about whether Raffles or Farquhar founded colonial Singapore (Created by Christian or Kok Yin)
-English - Finish the information report within 2 weeks AND find 3 articles/blogs/websites that talk about people doing something for the first time
-I&E - expand the mindmap on the 7 sources of innovation
-IPWICT - Do up the letter praising SST or suggesting ways of improvement for the school
-ADMT - Prepare the storyboard for animation
-HCL - 作业 6 and 8, Chinese comprehension on the topic of 晚晴园
-Math - Collate all data collected today in the Google document Mr Johari created AND the math ws
-Bio - bring the science ws on food tests for tomorrow's practical

**Please remember to bring the Chemistry Pre-test and Post-test for the NIE people coming down tomorrow. (Pass it to JS in the morning)

**There is a Geography Test on Week 7. It will be testing us on Water and Map-Reading. Do remember to study for it.

**Please bring along $14.40 for the subscription of the Chinese newspaper TOMORROW. (For those who have forgotten, like me:)

**There are 4 Common Tests coming up soon. Please refer to Mr Koh's blog post: http://sst-2010s108.blogspot.com/2010/04/2010-term-2-common-test-schedule_14.html 

This HW Reminder service is brought to you by Eunice
(Disclaimer: If I happen to forget to list down any other homework, please, PLEASE, add it in as a comment)
*If there are any enquiries, please contact me:)
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  2. For Biology, do the keynote thing like the parts of digestive system, what things are there and what does it digest that thingy.
    And bring the chinese douhao 4 next chinese lesson