Reflection on 24 May

I felt that I had learned a lot of useful things that I had not known at first. I felt that the activity on 24 May was very enriching. This helped me understand the feelings and the difficulties that elderly and handicapped people face better. These might be things that look simple to youth, examples such as going up an escalator and eating at a food court. As a result of understanding, I felt that I could solve the problem easier as I can experience what it's like to be in the shoes of the people we are helping, so we can point out the little things that makes shopping in the mall inconvenient for the elderly and the handicapped, such as just a little step or a steep ramp which might look very easy for us to go through them but it's a totally different experience for the handicapped and the elderly.
Throughout the activities today(25 May), I learned what it was like to be an "outcast" and I felt that everyone should be a part in the society and have the same rights as other people in the society, no matter their physical abilities, the age, racial differences or anything else. We can do this in places like our school, where we do not leave out anyone when we are having any class activity.

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