Reflections for the Service Learning Programme(Jing Heng)

During this Service Learning Programme, i had a lot of good experience.
Some of the experience are being a caregiver and a wheelchair bound person
as a caregiver, i have to push the wheelchair around, i notice a few things.1 of them is that the passers by keep looking at us and it shows that wheelchair are less common in shopping centres.An incident is that the lift take up a lot of space, most people showed a very frustrated look, this 2 incident showed that people are not courteous enough.
Wheelchair bound elderly are also humans, they also help to build Singapore, it does not mean that they cannot go the the malls because they cause a little bit of inconvenience.
We should think for those wheelchair bound elderly,imagine being the outcast of the society, so we should think for the old people and treat them with respect.

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