HW reminder for 20/7/10 (By Eunice)


Here is the HW for today:-

-I&E - Hand in your PT2 report and poster
-History - Extend the mindmap given in the Materials Folder
-IPW - Finish transcript and email it to dennis_lam@sst.edu.sg AND find the main information in your interview to corroborate AND find places where you can corroborate the information
-ADMT - Do up your e-Journal according to the framework given AND finish sketching your desk tidy and submit it in the submit folder AND create a mindmap about the problems the elderly face in daily life AND upload your animation about your classroom work desk and your response to the ergonomics video onto your ADMT blog
-Geography - Fill up the template given to us today
-HCL - Finish the storyboard draft by this Saturday AND finish Pg1, 2, 3 of 作业 1B AND the 'argumentative essays' about the issues covered in this week's Lianhe Zaobao AND fill up the second part of the notes received today
-Physics - Upload group work on Google Site AND work on the video about the 5 forces
-Math - Finish worksheet 6B and 6C AND finish the questions in the math notes AND the algebraic factorisation worksheet
-English - Create 2 stories in the blanks provided in the narrative worksheet AND organise your english file
-ADV - Finish the kite-making your group has started today
-Hist - Comment on the statement in the History Blog
-Physics - Complete activity 1 in our NIE booklet 

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