HW reminder for 20/8/10 (By Eunice)


Here is the HW for today:-

-Geo - Find the population pyramids for Angola, Malaysia and Singapore and compare the birth rate, death rate and life expectancy for each of the countries
-HCL - The ‘5 things’ - NIE 剪报, 读报教育 (sent to your sst mail), 金色花 story writing, group compo, 作业, all by FRIDAY AND fill in the 321 reflections spreadsheet AND comment on the HCL blog about today's passage
-Math - Worksheet 12A AND Linear Graphs notes Example 07, both by FRIDAY
-ICT - (For those who have not done) Finish the Singapore National Anthem video by FRIDAY
-S&W - Complete the S&W brochure by 27/8/10
-I&E - Finish the group presentation about entrepreneurship AND the group presentation for our PT AND our individual PT

**There is a HCL Test on 26/8/2010. The chapters covered are:-
**There is another HCL Test on 21/9/2010. As it is a COMPO test, I don't have the 'chapters covered' part.

**There is a History Test on 12/10/2010. The format of the test is:
                   Duration: 1h15mins

                  Part1(Source-Based Questions):
                  1. Inference
                  2. Inference + Purpose

                  Part2(Structured Essay):
                  1. 2m + 4m + 4m
                  2. 2m + 4m + 4m
                      (CHOOSE ONE)
                  4m = PEEL

                  -To study: Unit 4/5
                    -Concepts of conflict
                       -Germany(Nazi Control)
                       -Japan(Pacific War, Syonan-to)

This HW Reminder service is brought to you by Eunice
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