HW reminder for 5/8/10 (By Eunice)


Here is the HW for today:-

-IPW -
 prepare for WEEK 8'S oral presentation 
-ADMT - Prepare your proposed solution
-Geography - Fill up the template available in the Google Site
-Physics - Upload group work on Google Site AND finish Homework 3

-Math - Complete Worksheet 12A
-HCL - 作业, 作文(如果我是一只__), 逗号剪报NIE, 作文(本来老师要我们在班上做完), some worksheets to be sent to us via sst mail, printed out and completed
-ICT - Create a video to accompany the National Anthem (Singapore)

This HW Reminder service is brought to you by Eunice
(Disclaimer: If I happen to forget to list down any other homework, please, PLEASE, add it in as a comment)
*If there are any enquiries, please contact me:)
MSN: looeunice@hotmail.com

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