HW REMINDER(Special Edition)

This is specially done and created by the previous successor and escpecially the ENTREPEUNEUR who started the HW REMINDER business(or whatever you called it)


Today Homework we haf:

ADMT do the proposed solution + the drawing dimensions thing
GEO finish or touchup the geo journal
RECESS (wait recess dun haf HW)
HCL do the group 作文 thingy and the personal one(if i am a....) and NIE
HISTORY watch the funny video and finish the ws(wait...is the video funny?aiyah so called lar)
SCI dun haf
ENGLISH do the photography thing

AND SIGN THE YOG FORM(or else SOMEONE not mentioning any names.....will take away the unlimited ez-link card)

Please cooperate with me as eunice is unable to post for today(she notified me this morning)
I am trying my best to imitate eunice's style.Sorry for any inconvenience cause.

Your Previous HW REMINDER,Boss and starter of the company of HW REMINDER

(please dun say i am BIAS because of the different size for the link)

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