HW reminder for 24/9/10 (By Eunice)


Here is the HW for today:-
-HCL - Depends on your HCL Class, so cant say D:
-I&E - Finish the group presentation for our PT AND our individual PT AND the 300-word essay about entrepreneurship
-Geo - Evaluation of Population Pyramids
-Math - Worksheet S0202B, AND check the math blog after 7pm TODAY for a form by Mr Ingham
-ICT - Coding
-English - CS02, 3, and 4 (if you have yet to finish them) AND the English-I&E PT AND the English-History PT AND Summary Writing (found in Google Site)
-History - SBQ Worksheet AND Formative assessment (Migration and WW2) that are to be downloaded in the Google Site
-ADMT - Report AND research for prototype
-CE - The worksheets from Google Site > Character Education > Term 4 Week 2
-Science - Get your parents to sign the Physics paper

**There is a HCL Test 28/9/10. As it is a COMPO test, I don't have the 'chapters covered' part.

**There is a History Test on 12/10/2010. The format of the test is:
                   Duration: 1h15mins

                  Part1(Source-Based Questions):
                  1. Inference
                  2. Inference + Purpose

                  Part2(Structured Essay):
                  1. 2m + 4m + 4m
                  2. 2m + 4m + 4m
                      (CHOOSE ONE)
                  4m = PEEL

                  -To study: Unit 4/5
                    -Concepts of conflict
                       -Germany(Nazi Control)
                       -Japan(Pacific War, Syonan-to)

**There is a Combined Science Test. Topics covered are everything we have learnt for all 3 Sciences. Please prepare for it.

This HW Reminder service is brought to you by Eunice
(Disclaimer: If I happen to forget to list down any other homework, please, PLEASE, add it in as a comment)
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  1. Eunice, I think you could post the chinese homework for our class, and get someone from the other class to post their chinese homework.

  2. Get Kang Yan or Bing Jue from the other class to tell you the homework.

  3. For those under 林老师, there is a comprehension to do, and a form to fill up on the chinese blog under 延身学习.

  4. remember to bring the SA1 paper common test for chinese