HW reminder for 7/10/10 (By Eunice)


Here is the HW for today:-
-HCL - 108 Class: Prepare for the 小测验 and the 写作训练 by next lesson
-ICT -Prepare your User Interface by TOMORROW
-ADMT - Design Journal, Multimedia Presentation, Prototype
-Math - Complete the viva by 10pm this Sunday night
-The history online debate: continue disputing.
-Bio - Revision paper AND study for EOY
-English - Learning Oasis Class: Go to http://shortstoryideas.herb.me.uk/scenarios.htm and complete your English Journal by next lesson

**Regarding the math viva, other than e-mailing Mr Ingham the recordings, you would need to pass to Jing Heng the pen-and-paper workings before school starts, so that he can pass it to Mr Ingham when class starts.
**There is extra Chemistry lesson next Wednesday. Please be there.
**There is extra Chinese lesson next Wednesday. Please be there.
**There is extra Math lesson on 14/10/10. (Is it optional or compulsory? I'm quite confused.)
**There are History extra lessons, I think. When are they? (so sorry, didn't catch the timing
**Here is the format of the History EOY:
 Duration: 1h15mins

Part1(Source-Based Questions):
1. Inference
2. Inference + Purpose

Part2(Structured Essay):
1. 2m + 4m + 4m
2. 2m + 4m + 4m
4m = PEEL

-To study: Unit 4/5
   -Concepts of conflict
     -Germany(Nazi Control)
     -Japan(Pacific War, Syonan-to
**Here is the format of the Geography EOY:
Date: 18/10/10
Duration : 75 mins
Total Marks : 30 marks

Structured Questions (Total : 30 Marks)

Population Geography (Lesson 8, 9 and 10)

Case Studies : India Population Studies
Case Studies : China’s One-Child Policy
Case Studies : Singapore Population Policy from 1970
Population pyramid
Demographic Transition Model

Industrial Location (Lesson 11)

**There would be a Combined Science Test for EOY. Topics covered are everything we have learnt for all 3 Sciences. Please prepare for it.

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  1. For the Maths remedial, It is only when you are in need for help then you go. I think.. But just go then if Mr ingham say to stay then you stay.