Buffet for class chalet?

Hey ppl,
Can we decide on having buffet for our class chalet?
Because, its much easier to clear for our case and we do not need to worry about whether the food is edible or not.
If we are having barbecue, we would have to cook and prepare the raw materials ourselves. I am afraid that the food might not be cooked properly at times. Having a barbecue is much more difficult to clear up also.
Beside we will only be having a meal which is the first's days dinner so expense is still covered.

So how?
What's your view?
Comment please.
I dont mind objections.


  1. eh bbq is confirm and buffet is very expensive.

  2. bbq is confirmed? and no buffet is within our expenses

  3. buffet iz expensive.
    bbq should be better, and since there is a parent wif us at all times we could ask him/her to check the food
    I don't know. any other suggestions?

  4. LOL. Give all of the bad food to the parent. Wait, don't. It's probably gonna be my mom. I still want my mom for a long time more.

  5. Christian, is your mom agreeable to run this chalet? Have you spoken to her yet? I need a parent to stay overnight with you kids.

  6. Well, if you ask me, I think we should keep this chalet simple, not too complicated. Also, I think we should have a proposal of what exactly we are going to do at the chalet and all the safety precautions that we are going to take so that our parents would be more convinced to let us go - my parents are still quite skeptical about this.

  7. Hi S1-08,

    I totally agree with Eunice's parents. Therefore, Class Exco will have to draft up a programme for the 2 days in consultation with the class. Besides the programme, I also want a duty roster of IC for safety, cleanliness, finances, logistics & food and all activities.

    Safety is paramount! I do not want any water activities unless there is a qualified lifeguard on duty at the time the activity (You can check with the chalet operator). I also want a duty roster for the parents as I will need to be in school during the chalet.

    I would want Class Exco to present this proposal to me on Tuesday, 16 Nov at 1230hrs. Christian will be the Overall IC. Email me the proposal by this Friday, 12 Nov.

    Mr Koh

  8. Must there be a lifeguard? Got lifesaving skills can:D and how many parents must be there?

  9. Pls note that the ICs must not be the same person. One name for each if the IC components that I set out in my previous posting.

  10. Unless you can show me your certification of a qualified lifeguard. And if you the lifeguard then you cannot be involved in that water activity. I suggest that all food to be catered in to prevent food poisoning. If there is a BBQ in the evening then one of the parents must be there to handle and cook the food in a safely manner.

  11. There must be one parent at any one point of time. Try not to put Christian's mom on duty throughout the chalet, as it is not very fair. There must be one parent to see through the checking out process on the last day.